Tales of an Eternal Outsider: The Haribo Job

Tales of an Eternal Outsider is a blog series that tells stories exploring ideas of belonging and the situations that inevitably arise when stereotypical expectations are not met. I had just finished my first-year exams at University, and it was finally summer! Well, technically there was still a month of spring left, but summer was... Continue Reading →


On Sickness and Shame

For as long as I could remember, I was acutely aware that in the society I grew up, people were ranked into different classes. Even as a toddler I knew this. As if this manufactured hierarchy was part and parcel of my genetic make-up. Perhaps, I didn’t know where all the pieces would fit, but... Continue Reading →

About Cognitive Wasteland

For those moments when my biological RAM has been filled to the brim with musings and reflections on past and present, I hope to purge what overflows into these digital pages. I can then sift through the spillage looking for clues about myself and this odd world I inhabit. This is a deep plunge into... Continue Reading →

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