A Scarry Night

A Scarry Night – A painting by the Author 


Swell the leaves, to feel thy shine,

A charm that haunts, a yearning mind.

I wish to speak, not out of turn,

’tis only with concern for thee, I burn

My queen emerges. Complete. No clouds.

Art thou not cold, without thy shrouds?


O’ mighty tree, bless thy kind heart.

A fiery blaze, thy bloom imparts.

I have not need, for further cover.

A warm embrace, defies all weather.


Indeed, thou speak the truth my dear,

But ’tis not the frost of dusk, I fear.

The night is dark, and full of terrors,

That lurk amidst, thick smoke and mirrors.

The pure belie, such retched ways,

Yet thou must shun, their chilly gaze.


I am the moon, I have my pride.

Of wide-eyed critters, I would not hide.

I bear fine shades, they wax, they wane.

The choice is mine, thou shan’t complain


A sacred duty, thou dost not defy,

Or art thou the harlot of the sky?

Of many faults, a cloak eludes,

Repulsive pits, thy face exudes.


A traitorous gush, of true colour.

A rot betwixt, a coat of valour.

Thy fall from grace, shall be so brisk

And leaves deprived, of brilliant bliss.


(HOW DARE th… ?! *Clears throat* )

Never have I been so pissed.

A righteous rage. A cheek eclipsed.

Know thy place, thou foolish whore.

Thou pine for wood, of that I’m sure.


I have not need, for tottering twigs,

Nor have I, for peeping pigs.

In darkest night, thou shalt discover,

A life so truly, full of terror.

-Nadir Fasani


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