About Cognitive Wasteland

For those moments when my biological RAM has been filled to the brim with musings and reflections on past and present, I hope to purge what overflows into these digital pages. I can then sift through the spillage looking for clues about myself and this odd world I inhabit.

This is a deep plunge into uncharted waters for me, having spent most of my life preparing for, studying and practicing engineering. Away from the world of numbers, hard logic and best practices that I normally reside in, I find myself exploring intangibles and social constructions that humans have made up to make sense of the world. Through the prism of my experiences, I want to find those lapses in our social coding, the inconsistencies that makes us who we are and find ways to highlight, debug and/or find ways to live with them. And if all else fails, I’ll throw some paint at the issue and hope some amateur art will suffice instead. By creating the graphics for this blog, I’m hoping some pretty colours will distract us from any insufferable ramblings.

I’m a Gen Y Saudi. I was born and raised in that most masculine kingdom. Now I find myself living and working in an adoptive country, writing in an adopted language and communicating in different mediums. A third culture kidult eager to bridge immeasurable gaps between generations and cultures, and between past and the present while trying to extrapolate for a glimpse into the future. My guess is, if it is contradictions I’m looking for, they won’t be that difficult to find.

I’m not a writer nor artist. However, I have thoughts that I would like to sculpt and form through these mediums. I hope that somewhere in this cognitive wasteland you find something beyond the self-indulgent drivel that resonates with you and helps you do the same.


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