About Cognitive Wasteland

For those moments when my biological RAM has been filled to the brim with musings and reflections on past and present, I hope to purge what overflows into these digital pages. I can then sift through the spillage looking for clues about myself and this odd world I inhabit. This is a deep plunge into... Continue Reading →

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Seeds of Hope

Silent waves of darkness creep onto my shores, filling voids you left behind. whirlpools of your past and future shadows encircle me. I grasp for those faded memories of you. of me with you; a soothing touch, a caring smile, infectious laughter, the gaze that penetrates beneath the rubbled belly of war, pulling out a... Continue Reading →

Invisible Illness (Part 2): On Depression

depression works as a defense mechanism against suffering. It’s a bubble your subconscious builds around you to dull life’s blows. It’s all well and good when there are storms and hellfire raining down, but if there aren’t or of they come then fade away as they usually do, you’re trapped in this battered opaque force field, fogging, dampening your every experience. The bubble is ...


We may be apart, but I’m contaminated with you. My coolness with your warmth, my silence with your sounds, my solitude with your love and my soul with yours...

A Scarry Night

Swell the leaves, to feel thy shine, A charm that haunts, a yearning mind. I wish to speak, not out of turn, 'tis only with concern for thee, I burn My queen emerges. Complete. No clouds. Art thou not cold, without thy shrouds?

The Phoenix

Suffer every scrap of anguish, every shred of sorrow, every thread of misery life sows through your flesh and ripples through your mind. Receive them graciously. Allow them to mould and shape you. For in their resistance comes a coarsening made brittle with the passing of time.

Tales of an Eternal Outsider: The Haribo Job

Tales of an Eternal Outsider is a blog series that tells stories exploring ideas of belonging and the situations that inevitably arise when stereotypical expectations are not met. I had just finished my first-year exams at University, and it was finally summer! Well, technically there was still a month of spring left, but summer was... Continue Reading →

On Sickness and Shame

For as long as I could remember, I was acutely aware that in the society I grew up, people were ranked into different classes. Even as a toddler I knew this. As if this manufactured hierarchy was part and parcel of my genetic make-up. Perhaps, I didn’t know where all the pieces would fit, but... Continue Reading →

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